The state government has delivered the first year of the planning reforms:

  1. State Project Concierge

    The State Project Concierge is DELWP’s new ‘front door’ for lodging planning applications. The team is up and running, helping proponents of significant projects in Victoria get started in the planning process.

  2. New online application portals

    The new online portals are making lodgement of a development application easier.

  3. Regional Planning Hub

    The Regional Planning Hub is helping to cut the planning permit backlog across nine regional and rural councils.

  4. Streamlining for Growth Program

    The Victorian Planning Authority’s Streamlining for Growth Program is coordinating land use and infrastructure planning to increase the supply of housing

  5. Transport and land use planning

    An updated state planning policy for transport will ensure that our cities and regions can move increased numbers of people efficiently.

  6. New planning rules

    New planning rules for state and local infrastructure projects are providing faster planning assessments for the services the community needs.

  7. Better Planning Approvals

    The Better Planning Approvals program is partnering with councils to streamline the planning permit process

  8. ResCode discussion paper

    A Discussion paper on improving the operation of ResCode has been released for consultation.

  9. Environment Effects Statement Ministerial Guidelines

    A Refresh of the Environment Effects Statement Ministerial Guidelines will clarify aspects of this important process that is used to consider significant projects in Victoria.

  10. Digital survey of councils

    A comprehensive digital survey of councils has identified areas for improvement for councils’ digital planning services

Page last updated: 16/05/22