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5 focus areas of the planning reforms

Our reforms will deliver major projects, the construction of housing and create jobs. A clearer, faster and fairer planning system ensures Victoria remains a great place to live, work and visit.

Area 1 initiatives include:

  • New assessment modules to simplify planning permits.
  • More planning permit exemptions.
  • A new online portal for permits.
  • Time savings at Planning Panels and VCAT.

Area 2 initiatives include:

  • Extra staff and support for regional councils.
  • Capacity building and training.
  • Digital grants.
  • VPA Streamlining for Growth.

Area 3 initiatives include:

  • New Concierge Service at DELWP.
  • Dedicated teams for assessing priority projects.
  • Streamlined decision making.

Area 4 initiatives include:

  • Framework to declare priority precincts.
  • New tools to support faster planning and assessment.
  • VPA Affordable by Supply.

Area 5 initiatives include:

  • Improve infrastructure contributions.
  • New tools to support infrastructure delivery.
  • Better alignment between growth and services.

Why reform the planning system?

Now more than ever we need a planning system that can respond to the challenges of today.

Recommendations were made by the Commissioner for Better Regulation and Building Victoria’s Recovery Taskforce to reform the planning system.

These reforms will modernise the planning system to:

  • encourage investment
  • drive development
  • create jobs

Timeline for the planning reform

The program will run until 2024, with many priority reforms delivered in 2021-22.

For enquiries about opportunities to engage please contact Planning Reform Program

Page last updated: 16/05/22