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Better Planning Approvals 

We’re partnering with councils to: 

  1. Enhance pre-application services to deliver ‘decision ready’ applications
  2. Make the process clearer to reduce requests for further information
  3. Modernise community engagement and how people get notified
  4. Provide clear decision timeframes and advice
  5. Help councils make faster decisions

We will continue to engage with councils to improve the planning approvals process with tools and resources expected to roll out in 2022.

For enquiries, feedback or participation in co-design activities please contact Better Planning Approvals.

Regional Planning Hub

Regional Planning Hub supports land-use planning in rural and regional councils.

The program provides statutory and strategic planning support and resources that:

  • assist councils with peak workloads and priority developments
  • build land use planning capacity and capability within councils
  • improve planning schemes to streamline and simplify processes and approvals
  • assist significant regional planning projects.

Our Regional Planning Partnerships team will work with councils to improve planning processes and deliver outcomes to help drive regional growth.

As part of the program, rural and regional councils may request help. Requests will be assessed and prioritised against a set of criteria.

Learn more about the criteria or submit an application

Streamlining for Growth

What is the Streamlining for Growth program?

The Streamlining for Growth program supports councils and the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) to unlock jobs and housing. It does this by providing grant funding to councils, giving councils access to specialist VPA strategic planning staff, and supporting the VPA to progress key strategic planning projects that lead to increased housing and job supply and time savings.

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