On 9 December 2021, VC204 updated the State planning policy to support a more integrated transport system. It is simpler and more certain for decision-makers, infrastructure providers and the community.

The changes will apply to Clause 18 (Transport) provisions in the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes. The amendment also made consequential changes to clauses 66.02, 65.01 and 65.02.

Victoria’s transport needs are changing. We need to plan for increased movement of people and goods, deliver critical infrastructure and jobs via our transport system. Delivering integrated transport and land use planning will ensure our cities and regions are:

  • efficient and liveable
  • well placed to face these contemporary challenges

The new provisions ensure land use planning decisions are made using clear and up-to-date information about State transport policy and the transport system, including the vision and objectives of the Transport Integration Act 2010. The Act puts the transport user and how they move, rather than individual transport modes at the centre of the transport system.

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Clause 18 has been updated to recognise planning’s role in contributing to a safe, integrated, and sustainable transport system. Transport policy has been updated to include the relevant strategies and policies that have been developed by the Department of Transport and its predecessors.

The clause 18 structure has also been changed to separate transport system and movements network objectives. Policy for all movement networks have been reorganised to recognise their important role as part of the transport system, these networks include:

  • walking
  • cycling
  • public transport
  • roads
  • freight
  • ports
  • airports and airfields

Consequential changes have also been made to move all regional and local policies in clause 18 (Transport) to align with the relevant State policy. No change has been made to ports or airports and airfields policy content.

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Amends clause 66.02 (Use and development referrals) to update the subclause heading from ‘Integrated Public Transport Planning’ to ‘Land use and transport integration’. This change reflects the important role of the Head of Transport for Victoria as a referral authority. They consider how land use change will contribute to integrated transport outcomes and impacts to the transport system.

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Amends clause 65.01 (Approval of an application or plan) and clause 65.02 (Approval of an application to subdivide land) to include consideration of the impact of use and development on the transport system, to reflect the Transport Integration Act.

The Amendment identifies and defines key elements of the transport system, including the interchanges and infrastructure that are required to connect and operate the movement networks also form part of the transport system, along with land reserved for the future development of transport system.  It introduces new definitions for Transport System and Transport Manager in Clause 73.01 (General Terms).

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