The recommendations will to help make the planning system clearer, fairer and faster for all Victorians.

In March 2019, the Treasurer and Minister for Planning asked the Red Tape Commissioner to undertake a review of the State and local government processes for building, planning approvals, and early building works infrastructure approvals, to identify opportunities to reduce delays.

The review looked at the root causes for why planning and building approvals have become so complex and time-consuming and in many case, less effective than they should be.

The Red Tape Commissioner’s report was informed by an advisory board which reviewed the extensive stakeholder feedback in response to a discussion paper. The report made 27 recommendations for improvements across 5 proposed programs:

  1. Better planning rules
  2. Better planning processes
  3. Better reporting
  4. Better capabilities
  5. Better building approvals

Read the Commissioner’s report Turning Best Practice into Common Practice

Page last updated: 05/06/24